Approved employers

I work for an ACCA approved employer
If you worked for an organisation which is an ACCA Approved Employer - professional development, for all or any part of the year, you will have achieved your CPD through your organisation's learning and development programme and you are not required to do any additional CPD for ACCA.
To be eligible for this route, you must confirm with your employer that they are approved and that your role is covered by the scope of the approval. You are required to keep evidence of your participation in this route for three years. You are also required to make a CPD declaration to ACCA each year.
ACCA reserves the right to check with your employer that you participated in their learning and development programme and to request your CPD records. Please keep these for three years.
You still need to make an annual CPD declaration. You can do this by logging in to MyACCA and following the link to Annual CPD declaration