Other professional bodies

You are a member of another IFAC professional accountancy body
If you are also a member of another professional accountancy body then ACCA's CPD programme is sufficiently flexible to allow you to choose to follow your other body's CPD programme instead of ACCA's CPD programme, as long as:
  • you are a full member of that professional accountancy body
  • your other member body is a member of IFAC
  • your other member body's CPD policy is compliant with IFAC's International Educational Standard (IES 7).

If you can answer "yes" to these three statements, you are eligible to follow the IFAC body route, and, if doing so, can indicate this when making your annual CPD declaration to ACCA.

You are required to keep evidence that you have followed this CPD route for three years and make an annual CPD declaration to ACCA. ACCA reserves the right to check with the other IFAC body that you have met their CPD requirements and to request your CPD records. Please keep these for three years.
You still need to make an annual CPD declaration. You can do this by logging in to MyACCA and following the link to Annual CPD declaration